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WSCONA Agenda Tuesday, April 4, 2023
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Meeting Protocol and Procedures: Edit and/or modify your user name in the chat and participant window: state your name and Neighborhood Association. This makes it easier to take attendance and keep a record of members attending the meeting. Repeat this procedure in the chat. All chat statements are directed to the Officer (President) conducting the Zoom Meeting and are recorded with the meeting.Use the ‘Raise Hand’ feature: If you raise your hand manually, it is very difficult to see you and call on you in a timely manner. ********************************************************************************************************************* AGENDA April 4, 2023

6:20: Meeting Sign in

6:30: Welcome Elizabeth Haley President, Moment of Silence Frank Comfort Vice President Attendance, Richard Schaefer, Secretary

6:40: Vice President Frank Comfort will explain the operating rules for the 2023 WSCONA meetings.

6:45: Introduction of Guest Speaker, Elizabeth Haley: Commander David Saladin Commander and and Peter Gelabert. Crime Prevention Specialist, Northwest Area Command

7:10 Pursuant to Sections 3-21-9 and 39-3-1.1, NMSA 1978, and SCRA 1-074, Appellants give notice of their appeal of the decision of March 6, 2023 by the Albuquerque City Council denying Appellants’ appeal in AC-23-1, under which Appellants appealed a decision of the Development Review Board on November 9, 2022 approving a site plan amendment, preliminary plat and new site plan proposed by Interested Parties for Project # PR-2022-007712, at Lot 5, Block 6, Unit 26, Volcano Cliffs. WESTSIDE COALITION OF NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS and MICHAEL T. VOORHEES, Appellants, CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, a New Mexico municipal corporation, Appellee, and CONSENSUS PLANNING, INC. agent(s) for JUBILEE DEVELOPMENT, LLC, and GROUP II U26 VC, LLC, INTERESTED PARTIES: Michal Voorhees

7:20 Committee reports and introduction of new committee volunteers

  • Issues Communications Committee Chair - Nick Harrison (at-large)

  • Parks and Recreation and Open Space Committee Chair (WSCONA Representation on City and County Advisory Committees) - Julie Radoslovich (at-large)

  • Community Policing Council - Dana Skaar (Treasurer)

  • Legislative Committee - Elizabeth Haley (President)

  • Land Committee Chair - Rene' Horvath (at-large) •

7:45 Housing Forward ( Please see website for additional information and links: Rene Horvath Legislative Report attached in PDF

8:15 Adjourn to next meeting

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