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WSCONA Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, August 03, 2022, ZOOM Meeting 6:30 to 8:20 PM

Meeting Protocol and Procedures:

Use the 'Raise Hand' feature. Using the electronic feature helps the meeting run smoothly. If you raise your hand manually, it is challenging to see you and call on you promptly.

Please use the chat function and address your comments to everyone. The chat function allows us to record discussions, information, and presentations.

Modify your username by stating your name and Neighborhood Association. WSCONA uses the participant’s list to take attendance and record members attending the meeting.

6:20: Meeting Sign-in

6:30: Vice-President Frank Comfort - (5 min) Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence, welcomes members and guests. Membership Quorum,

Approval of the August 3, 2022 Agenda and July 6, 2022 Minutes

6:35: APD Westside Area Command Report: Commander David Saladin and Pete Gelabert - (15 min) Update

6:50: Redistricting: Frank Comfort - (15 min) Redistricting Resolution: Discussion - Proposed Vote

7:10: Bernalillo County Neighborhood Associations – Darrell Dady (10 min) Information

7:20: NARO: Alan Schwartz and Rene’ Horvath - (15 min) NARO Amendments: Update, Discussion - Propose Working Group/ Committee

7:35: WSCONA Bylaws: Alan Schwartz - (10 min) Update, Discussion - Propose Working Group / Committee

7:45: Transportation: Tommy Borst - (10 min) Update

7:55: Land-Use: Rene’ Horvath - (25 min) 8:20: Adjourn

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