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AGENDA WEDNESDAY MEETING, JULY 12, 2023 6:20: Meeting Sign in

6:30 WELCOME, PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE and MOMENT OF SILENCE, Frank Comfort, Vice President. Attendance, Richard Schaefer, Secretary. President Elizabeth Haley will explain the operating rules for the 2023 WSCONA meetings. Confirm the nomination of a parliamentarian for 2023 until the next yearly election. (Michael Voorhees).

6:40-7:00 LAND REPORT, Rene Horvath will speak on the City Council vote to change Single Family Residential Neighborhoods to Multifamily via the Housing Forward initiatives and IDO Ordinance amendments. WSCONA is tracking the following City of Albuquerque land use decisions on Housing Forward 0-22-54.

7:00-715 WESTSIDE COALITION OF NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS and MICHAEL T. VOORHEES, Appellants, CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, a New Mexico municipal corporation, Appellee, and CONSENSUS PLANNING, INC. agent(s) for JUBILEE DEVELOPMENT, LLC, and GROUP II U26 VC, LLC, INTERESTED PARTIES: Guest Speaker: Michal Voorhees provides an update on further developments. Please see www. https/ for the links to funding and progress on the two appeals.

7:15-7:30 FIRST DRAFT UPDATE of the BERNALILLO COUNTY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN. The previous plan amendments were in 2013—some parts of the plan content dated to twenty years ago. The Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan will serve as a document similar to the City's Comprehensive Plan (2017) but will focus on maintaining the County's existing zoning and sector development plans.

7:30-8:14 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS —a reminder of scheduled public meetings and deadlines for comments or participation regarding City and County initiatives.

  1. Parks and Recreation and Open Space Committee Chair (WSCONA Representation on City and County Advisory Committees) - Julie Radoslovich (at-large) 1.1. Unabated Environmental Hazard adjacent to historic neighborhoods - Julie Radoslovich (at-large) 1.2. City/County coordination in neighborhoods representing combined areas - (Elizabeth Haley)

  2. Community Policing Council - Dana Skaar (Treasurer)

  3. Legislative Committee and Bylaws Revision - Elizabeth Haley (President)

3.1.Draft BYLAWS edited complying with NARO; notes from EK Haley outlining constitutional conflicts in the NARO.

3.2. Timeline for member's Bylaw comments

  1. Land Committee Chair - Rene' Horvath (At-Large) Issues and meetings

  2. Communications Committee Chair - Nick Harrison (At-Large)

8:15 Adjourn to next meeting

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