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Notice of the meeting, Zoom Links Agenda, and Forum rules have been sent directly to candidates, WSCONA Members, and Alternates. The WSCONA website contains detailed information about Candidates' bios, priorities, and links to the Campaign Websites and the Albuquerque Journal's Candidates' Question and Answer Page.

WSCONA Members and members of neighborhood associations and the general public may attend and listen via telephone, live streaming, or other similar technologies. The links to the Zoom Meeting include such detail as relevant phone numbers, web addresses, etc.

The public has access to the meeting to substitute for the access it would during any scheduled WSCONA public meeting subject. The Link is on the WSCONA website,

WSCONA requests attendees and candidates login at 5:30 PM MST. Only candidates will be allowed into the Online meeting after the first ten minutes. All attending must identify themselves and rename by name, WSCONA membership (if any), Neighborhood Association, or public (example: Elizabeth Haley, WSCONA President, PHCA, 87114). The "Chat" function is just for recording attendance and candidate campaign emails. Using the "Chat" for commentary or other online features during WSCONA Forum for other purposes results in removal.


The WSCONA Candidates' Forum is not a town hall or candidates debate. All candidates must identify themselves whenever they speak and be audible to the other members of WSCONA and the public.

At the start of the meeting, the WSCONA President will announce the names of participating candidates and the WSCONA Moderator and WSCONA Timekeeper.

The Moderator will briefly suspend discussion if the audio or video is interrupted and try to reestablish an audio or video connection by another means. WSCONA will produce and maintain a recording of the open session of the meeting and publish links to it available via the website:

Each candidate running for office will have the opportunity to answer a set of identical questions distributed directly to them and the WSCONA membership.

The Forum questions are posted on the WSCONA website: Links to background research (third parties on-partisan research groups like New Mexico First, Government information links, and New Mexico Court Decisions) are on the website. Questions posed to State Representative Candidates and County Commission Candidates differ due to different delegations of authority under the New Mexico State Statutes. The WSCONA Executive Committee solicited questions from the WSCONA members and the Executive Committee (EC). The Executive Committee members chose the final questions, combining questions when similar.

The Vice President will call the membership roll for our records. However, the Forum does not require a quorum of members to be present. The attendees will have the opportunity to applaud all participants for their public service jointly. The WSCONA President will turn off all mics of WSCONA members and the attending public until the Moderator calls on individual candidates to speak. The President will turn the candidate's mic on when asked to answer questions. Candidates will speak one at a time for ten minutes. Candidates will be interrupted if they fail to answer the submitted questions. The Timekeeper will time each candidate and give a warning three minutes before the allotted speaking time is up. The Candidates will speak by district and division of government. The WSCONA Executive Committee determined the order of the meeting agenda by District numeric position and coin toss as to the candidate speaking order. There is no rebuttal. WSCONA meetings focus on speakers researching strategies and discussing solutions to public issues; WSCONA members discuss issues in a non-partisan manner, sharing consensus positions with their communities and government representatives. Candidates, please make your answers to questions fact-based, but you may speak to the positions of your opponents or opposition Political Action Committees (PACs).


5:30 Login

6:00 ELIZABETH HALEY, WSCONA President’s Introductions & Explanation of the WSCONA Forum Rules and WSCONA Vice-President FRANK COMFORT takes members attendance. All attending register attendance in “Chat" (name, WSCONA Member, Neighborhood Association and if none, zip code)

6:08 WSCONA President turns meeting over to ALAN SCHWARTZ, Moderator, and TOM BORST, Timekeeper. The Moderator will read the questions to each candidate and each candidates will answer. Where two candidates are present an extra five minutes is allocated to repeat the questions to the second candidate.

6:10 County Commissioner District 1 Candidates:

BARBARA BACA (Democratic Party) opponent unavailable

6:20 State Representative District 16

ANTONIO MAESTAS (Democratic Party) unopposed

6:30 State Representative District 17

CYNTHIA BORREGO Democratic Party)

ELLIS MCMATH (Republican Party)

6:55 State Representative District 26

ELEANOR CHAVEZ (Democratic Party)

PATRICK SAIS (Republican Party)

7:20 State Representative District 29


JOY GARRATT (Democratic Party)

7:45 State Representative District 68

CHARLOTTE LITTLE (Democratic Party) opponent unavailable

7:55 WSCONA President's Closing Remarks; Adjourn to Next Meeting


County Commission Candidates Questions

1. What is your position on legislation enacted by some states that would allow the governor, legislators, or other officials to change election results? [Both State and County]

2. Do you believe the 2020 New Mexico election was properly certified? [Both State and County]

3. If elected, you may be one of three commissioners serving on the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority Board. Should preference be given to future water users over maintaining sustainable supplies for existing users? Aside from raising water rates, how would you balance water use and continued growth, to keep the quality of life viable in the County and City? How do you view the role of the ABCWUA in managing water allocations, explicitly balancing the needs of agriculture, industry, and residential areas? [Specific to the County]

4. Do you think Bernalillo County deputies should conform to federal guidelines on using body cameras and making body camera videos available to oversight teams, litigants, the press, and the public? [Specific to the County]

5. What are your top three priorities, and — briefly — describe how you would address each? [Both State and County]

New Mexico State House of Representatives Questions

1. What State funding or regulatory legislation (if any) would you support to improve educating, attracting, and keeping highly qualified healthcare professionals in New Mexico (specialized doctors, registered nurses, clinical social workers, independent social workers, professional mental health counselors, clinical mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, professional art therapists, alcohol and drug abuse counselors, and physical and occupational therapists within our state? [Specific to State Representatives]

2. What is your position on legislation enacted by some states that would allow the governor, legislators, or other officials to change election results? [Both State and County]

3. Do you believe the 2020 New Mexico election was properly certified? [Both State and County]

4. What factor do you feel is the most significant contributor to crime across the state, and what measures would you support addressing this issue? [Both State and County]

5. What are your top three priorities, and — briefly — describe how you would address each? [Both State and County]

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